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09-Aug-2020 14:07

This weekend the American Identity Movement held their first public action, which took the same format as IE’s demonstrations.

More than 50 AIM members stood outside the Tennessee State Capitol with banners that read “This land is our land” and “Defend America.” While Identity Evropa’s aesthetic was an amalgam of superficial references to “European culture,” AIM is more heavily steeped in worn Americana.

They push for a clampdown on immigration and stress nativist talking points that they believe will appeal to Trump supporters.

They carefully manage their public image, holding only unannounced demonstrations where they hold banners with innocuous-sounding slogans like “Make America Beautiful Again.” The thorough management of their image is all part of an attempt to cozy up to the Republican Party and, they hope, eventually alter the GOP to fit their own image.

We also wanted to close the sale in the peak moment of interest.

Just over a year after assuming control of the college-focused white nationalist organization Identity Evropa (IE), leader Patrick Casey said on Twitter that the organization “has been retired.” The announcement comes just days after the nonprofit media organization Unicorn Riot released the group’s Discord server chat logs.

More than any other white nationalist group operating today, Identity Evropa has attempted to frame their views in ways that appeal to mainstream conservative audiences.

Casey hailed the segments featuring him as “extremely significant victories.” “[W]e have received more applications so far today – 40 and counting – than we have during some weeks in the past few months. One member said he had an upcoming interview for a job in politics, another said he had knocked on doors for a local Republican candidate and a user from Minnesota said he had received a “positive response to my question about resettlement at MN’s governor’s forum today.” “Once I graduate I plan to infiltrate my local GOP politics Allsup style,” another wrote.

“Even blacks on the right side of the bell curve can’t engage in abstract thought,” Erika Alduino, who held a leadership role in IE, posted in early 2018.

One member called the Holocaust “the most disgusting lie of the 20th century.” Another responded by adding, “Six million is a meme number.” Publicly, Identity Evropa appears unified behind their vaguely defined identitarian banner.

Casey says he is now launching a new organization, the American Identity Movement (AIM).

For a group that has always paid scrupulous attention to branding, the move seems designed to distance Casey and his followers from the public-relations baggage that has burdened IE since the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia, “Unite the Right” rally they helped organize.Elsewhere in the channel, posters asked their fellow IE members to downvote videos on You Tube they found objectionable, promote online content that aligned with their ideology and harass Twitter users who were opposed to their racist views.

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