Updating mysql php

12-Mar-2021 10:01

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Starting with PHP 5.5 the old mysql extension is deprecated, that means you’ll receive E_DEPRECATED errors as a warning but the code will continue running ok.

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value, which is then checked on postback and if set, it is cleaned and used to update the student record in attendance.I also extracted echo'd HTML in the PHP to HTML, and moved your form outside of your table (it can cause issues in some browsers).Alternative (better) method: If the present value can be set to a simple 0/1 or true/false, then it would be easier to use a checkbox for each student.In postback, you can then retrieve an array of values from checking each checkbox indicating students who are present, and then update the database table in one query.

Thank you david, Aye, doing a more broad search I found this topic: viewtopic.php? Steps are just as simple as David stated and in the topic above. - Update to php 7.x - Open your file (make a backup first) - Replace the word "mysql" with "mysqli"and upload - Delete the cache/production directory Thank you! It was so easy to change the mysql to mysqli in the config file. Tried uninstalling all extensions, also back to default theme with all others deactivated - php7.0 would not work. Other open source gallery in subfolder is fine though.

It can be used to convert automatically all the old mysql code to the new mysqli code and it does a pretty good job.