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03-Sep-2020 17:12

You can put it on standby and have it record as well.

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I'm really hoping to hear from someone that has had a Tivo for a comparison of the PVR.- SO far on Dishnet, the channels come in as 1080i and on Expressvu they appear to be 720P (from the channels I've found so far), and nothing I've watched so far has been that impressive, mind you I've gotten used to watching Blu-rays, but even so I don't see anything that looks as good as the 720P files, now is this just because the content I selected was crappy, even the HD PPV didn't look so hot.- The remote is horrible, it really is as bad as some of the threads I read said it was, the way it responds really bugs me, but supposedly using a programmable Harmony type remote solves this problem, I'd love someone to confirm.I got a reply on another forum that there is now a way to sort by HD channels on the latest .bin, something about pressing the OK buttona dn then the blue button, I'm not at home at the moment to try.

[*]Though it's HD, HD from satellite/cable is still compressed MPEG2 (MPEG4 on DN I believe) and so will not look as good as BR.Then again, if I get an expensive HD box, and they do the swap, it'll just be an SD box overpriced by 0.

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