Updating 1920 s home wiring

17-Feb-2020 17:40

Circuit breakers protect your home by tripping and turning off when the wire running from your electrical panel to your appliances or devices becomes overloaded and in danger of becoming hot and catching fire.

Unfortunately, in many older electrical systems, the circuit breakers don't trip, even when the circuit is overloaded.

And of course, wiring should always be done before any cosmetic work.

You'd hate to have to cut open your painted walls or remove your new cabinets to access the wires behind the walls!

The circuits that carry electricity to all the plugs, lights and appliances in your home are like your veins and arteries.

Your panel determines how much power is available for the circuits to distribute to all the appliances, lights and outlets in your home.

Your home's electrical system is similar to your body’s circulatory system.

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The most important reason to update your home’s electrical system is safety.Electricity is not a good candidate for a DIY project.Amateur or DIY wiring is not only dangerous but can be far more costly to repair in the future.Circuit breaker panels have a life span of 25-40 years.

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If yours is older than that; if it’s in poor condition; or if it's old and has only a few circuits, and your breakers DO NOT trip … Also: If you are adding high power-consumption appliances such as an air conditioner or a spa, it's likely that your system will need an upgrade to accommodate the additional demand.

Typically, a breaker will not trip due to a loose connection somewhere within the circuit.

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