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The show: It takes serious cojones to take an actual horror classic and try and build a modern TV show around it, but this Fox series gets an A for effort and giving Geena Davis a role she can really chew to bits.

It's part family drama, featuring teenage sisters, a worried mother and a father recovering from a debilitating trauma, part all-out Catholic circus complete with warring priests and the pope.

Although it went straight to video, is has the professional quality of a theatrical release — something you can't say often in this era of digital D. An escaped mental patient torments a group of thespians rehearsing at a theater in this brazen Italian entry.

Over-the-top kills, an '80s synth-pop soundtrack, a ridiculously bad play backdrop and a killer wearing a giant owl head highlight this fun, campy film whose lowbrow appeal illustrates the difference between a giallo and a slasher. Unlike most slasher villains, Chucky is verbose and fond of wisecracks — like Freddy in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" — although the original "Child's Play" is less comedic than later sequels (again, like " Despite an amazingly stiff debut from Johnny Depp (and really, the entire cast), this groundbreaking slasher classic delivers an innovative concept, an iconic bad guy (Freddy Krueger) and dreamy special effects that create all-time great images like Tina being dragged across the ceiling of the bedroom, Freddy's glove attacking Nancy in the bathtub, Glen (Depp) getting sucked into his own bed and the infamous "tongue phone." And how many slashers can say they inspired a DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince song?

Although the first seven films in the series are remarkably solid, if you have to see only one "Friday the 13th," make it this one.

A true groundbreaker and one of the first legit slashers, "Black Christmas" predated the more well-known "Halloween" by four years and features a "killer making s crank call from inside the house" concept that predated the original "When a Stranger Calls" by five years.

This disturbing shocker melds slasher violence and giallo artistry in a tale of a masked, raincoat-clad child murderer who may or may not be a child herself. This is an unusual entry: a slasher with multiple, unmasked killers and respected veteran actors like Donald Pleasance, Martin Landau, and Jack Palance.

Alice is blamed for the death of her little sister (played by a very young Brooke Shields), of whom she was insanely jealous, and as she seeks to clear her name, the body count rises, and even the audience isn't sure if she's innocent or not. "Child's Play" isn't often mentioned when it comes to slashers, but it has all the goods: a homicidal maniac (who just happens to be a doll), grisly murders, a high body count and a killer who just. These three add a level of class to a film about four mental patients — a child molester, a deranged war vet, a psycho preacher and someone known only as "The Bleeder" — who escape their asylum and attack the family of a new psychiatrist, whom they mistakenly believe killed their old doctor.

Unfortunately for them, a year later, someone dressed as the Gorton's fisherman decides to avenge the hit-and-run.

The pinnacle of the "Friday the 13th" series is wonderfully cartoonish from the get-go, with an opening scene in which Jason is revived by a bolt of lightning that segues into a title sequence that parodies James Bond.

"Part VI," which had to come on strong to make up for the betrayal that fans felt from "Part V," infuses a great dark sense of humor without sacrificing the scares or the gore.

It's a bit of a one-trick pony, but it rides that pony amazingly well with strong acting and hilarious, irreverent humor. A couple moves into a historic Los Angeles apartment building that houses a dark history — and a ski-masked murderer.

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This well-made slasher from legendary director Tobe Hooper ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre") is a welcome throwback to the '80s slasher heyday. The killer uses a variety of tools — hammer, nail gun, drill — to dispatch his victims in a series of nicely staged (and grisly) set pieces.(They Before the onslaught of ghost stories, Japanese horror was often as graphic and low-brow as American.