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07-Mar-2020 17:50

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If you shout about this person from the rooftops only to find they don’t want a second date then you’ll feel pretty deflated. Waiting a certain amount of time to text back, mentioning other dates to make them jealous, or simply pretending to be someone else means you deserve not to get a second date.

It’s natural to feel nervous about meeting a stranger, especially if we think that stranger could end up becoming a significant part of our lives.

Aim for equal airtime during the date, and when you do ask a question, remember to pay attention to the answer.

Most people find it extremely rude if they’re asked a question and someone answers on their behalf. Whether your date isn’t eating much – or they’re eating a lot – I can guarantee that they don’t want you to make conversation about it.

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Know the difference between ‘dating’ and ‘in a relationship’.It’s so easy to wonder whether a particular hand touch or laugh was important but it’s also futile.The only way to know if someone liked you is to see if they agree to another date!Social media has added a whole new dimension to dating, and it can be a really great way to stay in touch with someone. We’d never advise finding someone online unless you really think your relationship is going somewhere.

Adding a date on a social network after just one meeting, even if you’ve had a great time, can be very awkward, especially if the second date doesn’t work out… You build up to the big day, hoping they’ll be someone special, and then when there’s no chemistry it’s a real let down.

Never order food for your date, unless he or she has expressly asked you to. It makes you look like you don’t care about their opinion. By all means check that they like the food, but don’t go beyond that.