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If you miss and it ends up flipping over you can grab it easier if it stays straight, just try to grab it from the middle. Second Date: Sana starts by giving you the Amidst a Dream LP.

If you’ve raised her affection level to the current max on the bar at this point (which you will if you’ve answered all the questions the suggested way and given her the earrings) you’ll have unlocked her first locked conversation. You can give her a gift if you wish, at this point just go with whichever you feel like buying before.

She lives in an apartment on Valdez Avenue in Fortside, Bohan, but seems unhappy there, as she will randomly ask Niko to buy her a place in Algonquin: however, Niko always refuses.

Her profile on the LCPD Database also states that she is a nymphomaniac.

Her personality is very similar to Brucie Kibbutz, as she is very vain about her appearances and in fact states that she loves looking good.

Carmen likes expensive clothing from Modo or Perseus and likes Niko to wear different clothes on each date.

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If done right you can grab it just under it’s ears, and it’ll just hang from them.

Carmen is wilder than the other girlfriends as she enjoys it when Niko drives fast or gets a wanted level.