Slackware updating gtk modules

02-Dec-2020 13:20

in that out of the many optimized memcpy()'s it will only load the one that is fast on the particular cpu GNU linker loads them all Code is code; how is shared linking a greater risk? LD_PRELOAD can be used to replace functions and the user/admin would not notice it.

while the only security flaw with static linking is an administrative mistake Thank you for enumerating those downsides.

So to me, the right answer is to fix the root of the problem, not paper over it by pretending there isn't one by essentially embedding copies of every dependency into an application.

In short, start encouraging developers to reduce their dependency chains, properly release manage their software, ensure that core system components offer stable interfaces, and provide timely updates.

Clearly I'd avoid statically linked software if I would have the option to use `apt-get install` to get that software.

The tradeoff of having all the software in the distro being checked by people that have tested and checked that everything works well and smooth it's going delay updating the packages.

Even the unstable branch is routinely multiple versions behind on software.

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