Rabbi rietti dating and marriage

02-Nov-2020 11:09

Rabbi Rietti then asked the audience, “If the person you date scores ten out of ten for each of the qualities you are looking for, would you get engaged? When people suggested answers like consistency or they added other qualities, he advised them to add those things to their list.

With Montessori training, he has developed a curriculum which dovetails a Torah education with Montessori methodology.

Rabbi Rietti suggested that you ask yourself guided questions before you start to date, such as: I wonder what I will learn about myself during this date? He emphasized the idea that you can’t change another person.

We need to ask ourselves how we can become more of the qualities we are looking for in our future spouse.

He shared, “You can’t know the future.” He agreed that ten out of ten on both sides doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage.

Circumstances change and what you are looking for may change.

He came from a liberal home but I came from an orthodox so I told him before we got married I would only marry him if our home was kosher otherwise I wouldn´t have married h im at all.