Nigerian dating scam format

23-Dec-2020 10:40

This ugly situation made me to secretly move the gold dust having the above mentioned qualities into a security and finance firm with the assistance of my uncle whom serves as a secretary to Ashanti council of elders.If you are interested to buy it just contact me or just look for a buyer for me.But he did not let them know that the content is money.Since after my father's death my uncles bringing troubling my mother with their useless traditional there have taking all of my father's belongings/properties and left us with nothing just because, my mother is not from Nigeria.They want you to understand what they're getting at.I believe the surface errors are there for two reasons.

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The use of these services is a growing trend—I just read an article that estimates there will be more than 0 billion in peer-to-peer payments in the U. If you use a peer-to-peer payment system, here are some tips to keep in mind.Subject: GOLD CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS MESSAGE FROM: PRINCE KUFOUR OTUMFUO FAX: 00252 ATTN: Ebrahim Dear Sir, I am Prince Kufour Otumfuo the elder son of the late King Otumfuo Opoku ware II whose demise occur following a brief illness.Before the death of my father, King Otumfuo Opoku ware II, I was authorised and officially known as the next successor and beneficiary of my father's property according to African Traditional rite.As a result of this problem my mother feel into an illness.

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Now she is seriously sick and I have spent all the money we have on drugs and hospital bill.Your esteem address was received through a valued friend in my neighborhood who told me to contact you in handling this business. KOFFI OPOKUWARE the eldest son of the late KING OPOKUWARE of Ashanti Kingdom whose demise occurred following a brief illness. Purity : 22.5 Carat or 95% As a result of polygamous family, there has been a dead lock over the issue of division of my father's property between members of my family and community as a whole.

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