Most intimidating fans in football

05-Jul-2020 04:41

The octopus is a tradition for fans of the Detroit Red Wings, one that dates back to 1952 when the Stanley Cup playoffs were just two, best-of-seven series, which required eight victories to win it all.

So it made sense to use the eight arms of the octopus as a symbol for it.

People from Boston will understand how insulting that is.

New York fans, no matter what sport, can be some of the most despised in any league, as the Big Apple has that hint of arrogance to it.

The only issue is, it has been a while since the Cowboys have won the Super Bowl or even won playoff games, but yet their fans still insist that their team is America’s team.

By now, any football fan would have to say the New England Patriots and their dynasty are the best representative for the United States, but Cowboy fans still hold onto that nickname, even if their play on the field doesn’t agree.

When it comes to annoying fans in the NHL, Montreal Canadiens fans are generally on top of the list.

The Montreal Canadiens have won the most Stanley Cups in NHL history, with 24 Cups to their name.

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But if someone wants to know what the people are really about, perhaps they should check out one of their local sports teams and see how the fans react to wins and losses, and how they treat outsiders. There is nothing wrong with that at all, except when it goes too far and is dangerous to other people, the players in the game and causes serious damage to the stadium or the city.

In 2016, the Toronto Blue Jays made it back to the playoffs for just the second time since winning back to back World Series championships in the early 90s.

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