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07-Jun-2020 02:02

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Dressed in a gorgeous wine-coloured jumpsuit by Alpha60 and opening with Missy proved herself as a bit of a storyteller.

Even before she’d been on stage for a minute a mention of her husband Dan saw him make a debut appearance with baby Luna strapped to his chest in the baby carrier.

, is symbolic of both John’s new upcoming album and reuniting with Missy Higgins, of whom the two share much history dating back to the beginning of their careers.

The All Saints Estate provided the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt reunion.

He played an extensive instrumental solo called which saw the crowd getting restless.

Rejoined by his band saw them play ‘better than’ before exiting the stage to chants of, “encore”, even though we all knew they would of course return, and return they did.

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The trio then dispersed offstage leaving only John Butler himself.Her melodic voice mixed with such a powerful and relevant message surrounding sexual assault and how we need to stop victim shaming because ‘it’s never the victims fault’ sent goosebumps through the crowd with the message that ‘it’s someone you know’. I made 30 cassette tapes thinking that my mum and my mum’s 28 friends would buy them…