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07-Mar-2020 22:42

Given that I wasn’t looking for anything serious and was dating other people, I was more interested than taken aback.

Likewise, she didn’t seem put off when I told her that I’d had a vasectomy and had plenty of thoughtful questions about why I’d done that.

I thought I could resist the compelled to swoop in and save the day financially, physically, or emotionally, but increasingly, I couldn’t.

More to the point, I wasn’t being asked to swoop in, in the first place.

“Unfortunately, while saving the day will temporarily feed your ego, it will leave you feeling angry, resentful, and drained in the long run,” says Hokemeyer, detailing something I learned the hard way.

“Explore meeting her children in that stage and follow her lead in conversations with her children,” she says.There are also physical attributes that mothers have which other women don’t; sometimes it’s a rounder belly, a fuller chest or just all out more womanly and we know men love that!