Lgnite updating

25-Dec-2020 22:33

Turn a dreary London sky into a California dream by extracting black or white background with Ignite Pro plugins like Luminance Key and Demult.

Perfect for stock footage, these enhance vibrant colors and darken edges for more texture in your scenes.

Clean up your green screen footage with Ignite Pro’s effortless broadcast-quality Chroma Key.

Get high-quality removal from blue or green screen, control over edge detail, color correction and advanced spill replacement.

Give your titles some real-world feel using our Surface Studio effect.

This powerful tool lets you generate smooth or roughly textured metallic and vitreous surfaces on any text (or layers) and have them interact with other objects in the scene.

Intensify your action scenes with weapons that cut and fire from every angle.

The press likes us too: “I'll bet the service saved me a couple hours” PCWorld “frees up your day” The Christian Science Monitor “This post can be fairly short because Ninite works exactly as advertised.” Lifehacker As of February 14th, 2019 Ninite has ended support for Windows XP and Windows Vista as well as the related server platforms Server 2003 and Server 2008.

Transform ordinary video footage into wild, psychedelic visuals with effects like 360° Bulge and 360° Twirl.