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17-Sep-2020 04:50

For years, I’ve been working on a set of motorcycle techniques I call Fearless Riding.If you take five minutes to try the five experiments described below, you may discover a new way to control your bike at slow speeds.One day, as I played with pulling my vision back, I found my sweet spot, my Focal Distance, at about 6 to 8 feet in front of the motorcycle and on the inside of the turn. Suddenly, the bike was going where I wanted it to go, because I was guiding it with my eyes, and bumps and imperfections in the road didn’t bother me, because I could see them coming. Start by looking all the way back there to where you want to end up.

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You probably won’t find your sweet spot on your first try, so ride on and have fun. If taking off and riding slowly around a gas pump, or making a U-turn in a parking lot, why do I need to add more throttle than that?If you want better slow speed control, you need to know how slowly you can rev the engine and still be able to take off.Coordinating clutch and throttle – it’s the bane of new riders.

When I bought my Gold Wing, I discovered the bike had so much torque it would take off in first gear with the engine at idle.Not all the way back so I was staring mindlessly at the pavement going past my foot pegs.