Intimidating polish translation

08-Nov-2020 17:50

There are about a dozen of prefixes which can be added to Polish verbs of motion.Prefixed verbs such as As it should be evident from the rough translations in the table below, adding a prefix can completely change the meaning of the verb.This is because Polish has separate verbs for “going” depending on the means of transport used.This includes all types of land transport (car, bike, train, skateboard, horse), but not water or air transport (plane, boat).

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The only thing it gives away is that the motion will start and last for some time: (“Call me when you will be going to the city.”) Like in imperfective indeterminate verbs, replacing the gender-specific past tense form with a gender neutral infinitive is a perfectly grammatical way to use a determinate verb of motion in the future tense: might be the most common way of creating perfective forms of verbs of motion, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only one.Later on, we’ll take a brief look at the remaining ones.