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16-Mar-2020 03:09

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As a hard rule: Don’t ask me for a picture before you ask me on a date.

I don’t care if the request isn’t salacious in nature, it just signifies a man’s intent to get something from you without earning it.

The bad reason: Men will ask you to send a pic and if they’re looking for something more sexy, then it will turn into asking you for a naked pic in the future.

If a man writes you off for not sending another photo, then thank him for eliminating himself. Related Link: Dating Advice Q&A: How Can You Tell Red Flags From Online Dating?

I’m not comfortable sending pictures of myself to strangers only 2 minutes into a conversation. Add the internet, social media and electronic devices into the mix, and it can get tricky real fast. Leave it up to our relationship experts who can offer their best dating advice on using technology the right way.

Online dating is here to stay, after all, so don’t be afraid to jump in and catch up with the times!

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Here you’ll have your questions answered on whether or not you should send a photo of yourself to a potential beau. Oshima, Matchmaker: The good reason: Men are visual creatures, so they may want to see more pics to make sure you actually look like the photos on your profile.

He’s probably just looking for one thing and he’s not worth your time… Robert Manni, Guy’s Guy: Guys are visual and they enjoy looking at photos of pretty young ladies; and there’s lots of photos of good-looking women online.

But, at the same time, men get spoiled and some even ask women they’ve barely connected to- to send more pictures.

On the heels of a conversation with my best friend about no longer wasting time and energy on men who, quite frankly, aren’t sh-t and have never presented themselves as such, and this study that alleges “Being single will kill you faster than obesity,” I find myself wanting to be more open to men, and then as soon as I do, thinking, “just kill me now.” While I’ve dealt with the major offenses most women have when it comes to men, lately it’s little things that leave me extremely confused and perturbed when it comes to the opposite sex.

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In fact, it’s one thing in particular that grinds my gears like no other: A “Send me a pic” requesting a– man.

When I dipped my finger in the online realm of dating, I understood the photo request thing was a commonality, if not a necessity, to avoid getting catfished.