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17-Sep-2020 15:13

(For the record, she and her sister share the same personality type.) She has no children but was married briefly in her early twenties and has had several long-term relationships since. I found him endlessly fascinating.’ Fisher may be in her sixties but she has the spirit of someone much younger.

Her partner of 30 years recently died of throat cancer; she wells up talking about him. She has been dating again, though her research leads her to believe that she won’t pursue the people she has been seeing.

I have read The Rules, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider’s seminal dating guide, which advises never to call, basically to act like a Stepford wife, and I found it old-fashioned and restrictive.

He’s Just Not That Into You was hopelessly negative and depressing.

Builders tend to go for other builders (she points out that both Gordon and Sarah Brown appear to fall into this category), and explorers for other explorers, whereas directors and negotiators tend to go for each other. That’s a good way of raising babies, though there could be bickering – you know, they’ve got a right way of doing things, and if it isn’t done their way then they are going to be very stubborn about it.

Explorers together are going to have a ball, though the problem is that they’re restless, they can be addictive and they can be unfaithful, so from a Darwinian perspective I have to wonder how that pattern has evolved.

Doesn’t nurture have as much to do with it as nature, if not more?

'I have always been interested in how you can walk into a room and there will be 40 people there and you are immediately drawn to one,’ says Fisher.

'Similarly, that you can be set up on a date and just know immediately that it isn’t going to work.

’– she claps her hands together in delight – 'you’re off to the races.’ Dr Fisher knows a lot about love.

What she doesn’t know about it is, perhaps, not worth finding out about.

'I’ve run into two men recently with whom I have had splendid times talking, but I’m not attracted to them and they’re not attracted to me, and that is because they are both builders. He is charming, he is funny, he is my age and single, but I just know that down the road we’re going to go to the same restaurant every night, and every weekend we are going to have to do dinner parties.’ She smiles again.

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