Google finance recent quotes not updating

08-Mar-2020 17:45

google finance recent quotes not updating-29

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No professional trader should ever rely on FREE data for their day to day trading.Free data occasionally contains errors and often isn’t updated in a timely manner after market close. History Download.csv? &webmaster Id=501&start Day=02&start Month=02 &start Year=2002&end Day=02&end Month=07&end Year=2009&is Ranged=false&symbol=[Symbol name] You can automatically download quotes from quotemedia using the following downloader: Quotemedia Historical Quotes.

Second, it updates and integrates the OHLC data from the most recent trading day much more quickly than Yahoo (usually within an hour or so after market close.) The biggest disadvantage is that Google Finance doesn’t have data for as many foreign securities as Yahoo (although both databases will have daily data for 99% of US Stocks and ETFs.) You can import Google Finance data directly into Excel using this addon.

This also means that when you’re ready to make the move from free to premium data, you don’t need to learn a completely new service with a new API; if your programs are properly written, you can start using the premium data by changing just a few lines of code.