Girl dating multiple guys who is benjamin mckenzie dating

23-Jan-2021 16:13

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I'm not sure how I'd feel about dating someone seeing a bunch of other people, but I know I wouldn't want to date someone who talks about the other people. I had a guy I was very casual with really tell me he had a girl bringing him over diner but did I want to get together after that? I wouldn't call what she has an open relationship.She's just surrounded by guys wanting to date her/bone her/have a serious relationship with her.It's just that I don't fit in to all this. My best guess is that there is a reason why she behaves the way she does and there is probably not a simple answer to all this. It’s seems like a large part of that loyalty comes from the view that your partner is special.All I know is that it is just not worth wasting time in to it. If a girl I am dating sleeps with someone else then comes and sees me, she gets the door when I find out. When it becomes a competition, you’re just like everyone else, but you might have “won” by a hair length.

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You can't assume that it's ok for the other person just because it's ok with you I (20F) get attached SUPER easily.

I still focus pretty much all my attention on one guy at a time, but there's a certain security in still being on the market until the guy I really want to be with is ready to ask for a commitment.

Wanting exclusivity isnt dating, its a relationship.

This is not how a relationship starts nor works in the long run.

I'm sorry but if she won't appreciate the time and effort I'm willing to dedicate for her then the attempt of dating her is not really worth it.

This perspective tends to keep others in the running even when exclusivity is there. I don’t want to compare, or be compared to complete strangers on superficial qualities that have no real-world bearing on my relationship. I did this when my relationship with the guy I was seeing wasn't going anywhere.

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