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29-Apr-2020 14:45

“ It reminds me of a case in New York where an individual was sadistically taking a broom handle and shoving it up (the suspect’s) anus. It’s outrageous conduct.” Former LAPD detective supervisor T. Chapman agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to get home to her children, her attorneys said.

The charges against Wheatcroft were dismissed by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office after prosecutors saw the body camera video.

Schneider then puts his Taser away and uses his other hand to grab Wheatcroft's elbow and put him into a plain compliance hold. NOBLE: He’s put him in a rear wrist lock with the seatbelt over his shoulder. He’s twisting his wrist, he’s putting his left hand on his elbow forcing forward where the seatbelt is restraining him. There is no legitimate law enforcement purpose for that Taser.

The seatbelt wraps around Wheatcroft’s head and legs as officers try to pull him from the vehicle. If I did that to you right now, you would similarly bend forward. It should be no surprise to this officer, that he is pulling some resistance back. With Wheatcroft tangled in the seatbelt, another officer tases him multiple times in the left side by using what’s called a “drive stun.” Officer Schneider then steps back and fires his taser at Wheatcroft who’s on the ground between the car door and the vehicle, with the seatbelt wrapped around his legs. During the previous portion, officers claim Anya Chapman hit Officer Lindsey in the head with a plastic bag of items.

An estimated 68 million girls are at risk of being mutilated by 2030.

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The scene was witnessed by his 11- and 6-year-old sons.

Wheatcroft, who’s currently in prison on an unrelated burglary charge stemming from a copper wire theft, was not available for comment.

For independent analysis, ABC15 spoke with three former law enforcement officers, who testify as expert witnesses in police use-of-force cases across the country: Williams, Noble, and Stoughton.

WILLIAMS: The young kid there had more common sense than the officers... Wheatcroft is laying face down on the asphalt, handcuffed, with an officer kneeling on his back.

Officer Schneider then turns, accuses Wheatcroft of kicking, and then kicks Wheatcroft in the groin twice. A handful of officers pull Wheatcroft to his feet and pull Taser probes from his skin.

He responds by asking why that’s necessary since he wasn’t driving the car. (Then the officer says) ‘I can take you down to the station and fingerprint you.’ Well no, you can’t. That’s using his authority in an improper way by claiming he can arrest or detain him to fingerprint him when he’s done nothing wrong. NOBLE: Look at the passenger, there’s nothing threatening there. All he’s done is ask some questions…We’re at a point, where this gentlemen, to a reasonable officer, has not done anything wrong.