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02-Aug-2020 12:17

i dont have 3br mode working so am a little worries about flashing..

Other then that the phone pretty smooth with the doc rom.

But the Galaxy S platform is one of the most technically adept on the market right now and is more than capable of running Froyo. Maybe Samsung's going to stick a generic firmware update download smack bang on their website, for anyone that wants to update NOW? Hey, sorry if I'm asking something that's been posted already, but there's just so much stuff on here and I don't know if the search would pick it up...

Exactly what has been causing the hold-up is anyone's guess, but it's been a real problem for Samsung as it tries to market the devices. Anyway, so I bought the Galaxy S outright, I guess from an Optus dealer since it has Optus bloatware, but I'm using a Vodafone SIM on it. I have backed up all my Apps using Root Explorer, by going to /Data/Apps Saved them to my sdcard, beats having to install again from market, and or even beats using Titanium. The one thing I would like, is to know where desktop settings are, so I didn't have to put all my shortcuts and widgets back Haha, good point, but I kind of trust the Cyanogen Mod developers more than Samsung and Optus at this point.

I assume that I will have to undo these mods otherwise there might be troubles! On my old HTC Magic I used to use Amon_Ra recovery 1.7.0 for Cyanogen Mod. You attempted Doc's rom without knowing how to flash a standard rom? Probably best ask this question in the Mods/Tips/Trick thread REa But to answer your question quickly: 1. The news comes after Google and Samsung have continuously been dodgy about details regarding the update for Samsung's Android-powered smartphones.

Also has anyone got any hints on backing up the SGS prior to the froyo update. To date, the only handsets to receive the upgrade have been phones manufactured by other companies.

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It should be interesting to see if I have 3BR (3 button recovery) after the update, boy I hope so (my SGS was delivered without 3BR) – then I might be more inclined to install other roms instead of all this waiting for the official one. Kies, lovely bit of software that it is, kept on giving an error connecting to the internet.(HTC Desire for example) just spoke to samsung and Mr Mark Raby is being sued by them as it is all fake... got it on my holidays touring Australia by car and needed to use the phone as a modem for the laptop, the old phone just was not cutting it.