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I start by making a granny square and then at the time stamp of 5.25 I begin to join them together. If you fancy supporting my crochet adventures, I would be utterly and completely full of gratitude. I understand that you can make one off payments as well as signing up monthly, whatever floats your boat. The one below is how to make the Join As You Go Grannies.Hey there, my name is Krystal Everdeen & I make crochet tutorials on You Tube.The very first cluster you made for this last row will serve as half of the 8 triple crochets you need to make for the final point of the project.

Once you reach the last corner opening, just crochet 4 triple crochets, then slip stitch into the edge of the first cluster of the row to complete the final scallop and the row. Now you can add this to your larger project, or create more and attach them all to make a blanket, scarf, etc.Still taboo for some, sex dating with grannies is constantly becoming more popular.