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Their multi-voiced provocation are the only way to consciously represent the true aims of the collective (not the capitalist constructed masses, but the true, free unity of people). Like Mahler, Schönberg suffered under the Nazi rise, with his works banned, being labeled as “degenerate art.” His earlier work pushes the limits of the Austro-Germanic and Romantic traditions, but later pioneered “twelve tone composition,” often called “atonality” for its breakage from the standard form of a central melodic idea and manipulation of an ordered series of the twelve tones in the chromatic scale.Schönberg also was recognized for being a teacher of composition (notably to Webern, Alban Berg, John Cage, etc.), a musical theorist, and an interesting painter.

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His music was also denounced as “degenerate art” by the Nazis, but he had a more complicated relationship to Nazism, first giving lectures condemning it, later being subsumed by a patriotism and supporting the war.

This “comes not from their incomprehensibility,” which is a complaint one hears against them, “but from the fact that they are all too correctly understood.