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Reaching out to others has become as easy as clicking a few keys on the keyboard and the number of couples that met through these means has skyrocketed the past few years. Of course, the same rules did not apply to women and things were a lot harder for them.

Dating – or courting as it was called- in the Regency Era was a very important affair governed by a whole bunch of strict rules. By the time the Prince Regent rose to power, the notion of marrying for love had already started gaining ground in people’s minds as opposed to previous years when marriages were almost exclusively political and resembled business deals more than actual marriages.

The court dances such as the Gavotte and the Minuet had become ever more elaborate and stilted and the more light-hearted country dances were often performed to complete the evening.

These were the dances that the vigorous young gentry danced until dawn guilded the ballroom windows, and they were the dances that survived.

These dances soon spread to France, where the English longways form became known as the Contredance Anglais, contrasting with the French Contradanse where the ladies stand to the right of their partner.

Historically, the British Regency (1811 through 1820) was the period of just nine years when King George III was deemed unfit to reign and his son, the Prince Regent, ruled in his place.

However, the "Regency Era" is generally counted as about 1795-1837 from the latter part of the reign of George III until after the reign of his son George IV, a period typified by a distinctive style in dress, architecture, literature and more liberal social attitudes.

Partners face each other in a line, and dance a sequence of elaborate figures as they work their way from the top of the dance to the bottom and back again.

These are known as longways dances, or long dances.

Dances could be elaborate and involve intricate steps so it was essential that young people should be taught to dance if they were to make a good 'match'.

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