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14-May-2020 02:37

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This relationship is bad for your self-esteem and has no real future, unless you're comfortable with being known as a dirty secret for the rest of your life.You think everything went really well on that amazing and out of this world first date.

He is also a righteous and pretentious freedom fighter, and an activist who walks down the street chanting ''EU we love you'' while holding a homemade and illiterate sign that says "Migrants are welcome here."I take one step to the right and disappear out of sight.“Hey, gurl, hey.”You hear his high pitched screech before you even see him, then you see him prancing down the street toward you and you just want to quickly die.

Conversation was stimulating, he was attractive, you had an incredible and passionate kissing session and he even paid for the meal and drinks at the end of the date. You check in for a sign of life and silence prevails.

You resign yourself to the fact that he has vanished and magically disappeared from your life, leaving a gaping void in your heart and a million unanswered questions.

You have been "ghosted," and all you want to do now is call the Ghostbusters.

This guy always seems to have something better to do than commit to a date.Don't get too attached to a slut, in fact don't even converse with one, remember, you are looking for love, not an STD.