Deelishis dating rapper

02-Mar-2021 17:16

GOOD DAY AND GOD BLESS A video posted by IAMSODEELISHIS (@iamsodeelishis) on While she doesn’t confirm their relationship, she does say they will be “friends for life” so people should just get used to it.

News of their potential relationship comes a few months after the Detroit native was rumored to have dated Stevie J.

From fashion designer Shateria Moragne-El to model Lira Galore, the Bawse knows how to keep a lady on lock.

DRAKE has dated many women over the years, being as successful with the ladies as he is in music.

Here's everything you need to know about the rapper's ex-girlfriends and who he's dating now...

She also went off on the haters who believe they shouldn’t be together, even as friends.

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I HAD TO START THIS THANG OVER AND REPOST IT BECAUSE FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT MAYBE I POSTED A FIELD OF CHILDREN BEING HURT, OR A WOMAN BEING BEATEN OR A MAN BEING SHOT.... NOPE I POSTED @richforever AND MYSELF SHARING A MOMENT...Between social media and 24-hour celebrity news coverage, people are constantly being kept abreast of who’s dating who and which famous people are sleeping together. Deelishis then chucked and said “He’s excellent in bed.” This isn’t the first time the beauty from Detroit has been in the press for dating a young rapper. There’s nothing wrong with Wiz Khalifa liking me or me liking Wiz Khalifa.” I agree with Deelishis because it was okay for Alicia Keys to have an affair with Swizz Beatz, he was still married to his wife, his wife even tried to work it out with him but he wanted Alicia Keys.