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09-Jul-2020 03:01

#Impact Today, we posted our second quarter 2019 results.

Our Chairman and CEO Dirk Van de Put commented: "Our more consumer-centric mindset is driving investments in advertising and promotion of our global and local brands, as well as accelerated innovation and improved distribution capabilities." Read the full news release as well as important information on forward-looking statements here: RE5Do you have an innovative idea to create a snacking world that is: • Good for people. Mondelēz International’s innovation hub, #Snack Futures wants to hear from you!

The dive centres have set up funding pages to help their staff and their families.

Funding pages: Blue Marlin Dive Central Trawangan Dive and Manta Dive

At MDLZ, we're committed to transforming our portfolio - removing what people don’t want, adding more of what they do, expanding our offerings, and inspiring #Mindful Snacking habits to create more enjoyable snacking experiences.

This is #Snacking Made Right - the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

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"Our Children's Healthy Habits" aims to improve the lives of children and mothers from upper Egypt by providing nutrition education, supporting the adoption of regular physical activity, and helping to provide access fresh foods through school gardening and experimental kitchens.This is #Snacking Made Right - providing the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way!