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09-Aug-2020 22:26

The guy probably won’t tell you because, well, he only wants to parent one person in his life. Don’t do any of these things when dating a single dad.

Even if you found some equipment, book or product that is supposed to make parenting easier, your boyfriend probably doesn’t want you partaking in the parenting at all. This could just make things complicated for the kid’s biological mom.

When they are given a compliment, they reject it instead of simply saying thank you.

When they are told they are handsome, beautiful, lovable, forgiven, and intelligent, they feel good for a moment, but soon after they take the compliment and affirmation of their greatness and rip it to shreds. Because the barbwires and broken pieces of lies within them created a self-mutilating minefield that shreds compliments and affirmations of greatness before they can fully digest and awaken the ancient memory that love created them exactly like itself, and restore their thinking and vision to see the Holiness that they will always be.

Your boyfriend wants his child to be around good role models.

If you fail to go to regular doctors appointments, eat healthy, exercise, and have lots of hangovers—you get the picture—your boyfriend won’t want you around his child, and then he just can’t see you.

In this feeling of unworthiness they consciously and unconsciously sabotage any and every beautiful opportunity and relationship that appears in their life.Some refer to this as self-sabotage, I refer to this as internal self-mutilation.A completely mutilated view of the beauty of their true self that the Creator of the Universe continually attempts to remind them of.Your boyfriend can’t just hop on a plane because you found a good deal at a hotel.

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He has to coordinate babysitters, write out detailed instructions for them, and make sure his child doesn’t have some important event he wants his dad at that weekend.

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