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11-May-2020 22:34

I am on a (mental) roll as my head is currently filled with a long list of constant annoyances I observe and ponder. But, rather than simply approach that person and start talking to them, they pick up a drink and take a couple steps.

So as not to look so obvious, they look up at the TV screen atop the bar and take a couple steps.

All posts from Amy North You’re spending your time with a new man and things seem better than perfect. Keep watching and I’ll tell you why this happens so often and how you can[…] Read More Amy North is a women's relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada.

I think they're a part of an industry that prays on the single and desperate.

I love that being a relationship coach puts me in a space that requires me to focus, to be that calm and guiding light for my clients. My really good friends know this about me, and they are often on the receiving end of my long list of observations in the world of love,dating, and relationships. The Elephant Ninja Ladies especially, I know you’ve seen this before.

Speaking of, I wonder if you, the readers, would be so kind as to be on the receiving end of a rant of sorts. The elephant ninja is the person who is at the bar or at a party when someone catches their eye.

Text on the Beach Being in a public place and seeing a couple that is together but alone. Last I checked, marriage and relationships are not prisons nor places of employment. Mall Couch Potatoes So I get it, you don’t like shopping.1.7 million men & women come to me every month to find the secrets to success.