Dating a musician rules

14-Mar-2021 21:39

You’ll be hanging around for a while yet—post gig schmooze, pack up, smoke outside the venue, then food with the band.

By the time you do finally go for the post-show hang, you are close to melting down because you haven’t eaten for hours, you’re exhausted, and you really need a few minutes to connect and feel the love with your guy.

I’ve been doing this for eight years now and have learned a few things along the way. The best way you can support your man is by looking after yourself (at the appropriate time) so that you can be the smiling goddess he wants you to be.

The last thing he needs is someone else to take care of.

You, on the other hand, are neither a band or audience member; you’re somewhere in between.

This becomes very apparent when, after the show, the band is getting lots of love from fans and you are hanging around trying to smile and be gracious when all you really want to do is go and eat.

I know, I know, the band is exhausted and hungry too, they’ve put out a lot of energy during soundcheck, performance and post show schmooze.

Not so much fun when you’re exhausted, schmoozed out and really just want to hang tight with the dude. Learn to accept it and learn to extract yourself, if possible, with a smile.

(Of course, if you are in the role of full time mom, or homemaker, that’s great.