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11-Nov-2020 12:11

Some who have been adopted into greater means have felt guilt that their birth/first family has not had the same opportunity and may be living in poverty.In some situations adoptees may try to give away possessions or large sums of money.Unfortunately this emotional pain can interfere with parent-child relationships, romantic relationships, and even friendships.Sometimes even children whose parents have both died from a tragic accident can feel abandoned and all these same outcomes are risks.The key is whether a person feels rejected or abandoned, not the actual facts of one's story.Just as subsequent losses remind the adopted person of original losses, additional rejections can be experienced more powerfully for the adopted person that feels that he or she was rejected or abandoned. ) son is rejected on the playground, you may hear, ‘she doesn’t like me and my birth mother didn’t want me and you don’t really want me - you’re just pretending’.Aspie adults’ anger issues often carry over from their childhood or teenage years.It is an integral part of the syndrome and may be exacerbated by circumstances and frustration.

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Loss of the birth/first family can be extremely powerful even the child was placed with the adoptive family at birth. Whenever the adopted person experiences another loss - whether it is a parental divorce, a breakup, the loss of a pet, moving, changing schools, etc.While it may seem like an exaggeration to you with your perspective on schoolyard romance, it is an accurate expression of how the child feels and his or her fears and feelings of shame surrounding adoption and rejection.Most who believe they were rejected or abandoned also experience shame about it.Violent outbursts can be devastating to those around them and it is important that Aspie adults’ anger issues are dealt with.

CBT is the most effective form of treatment but there is much that friends, family members and co-workers can do to help on an ongoing basis.

Here are some of the ways that controlling anger may become apparent in Asperger’s adults: When dealing with anger and control in an adult Aspie, it is important to handle the issues in the best way possible.

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