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06-May-2020 14:35

Many players have been worried that their current gear will become irrelevant, making it difficult to know what they should grind for.

The Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 stream begins today at a.m PT/ p.m. Watch live video from Bungie on is a full recap of everything covered during the Armor 2.0 live stream.

once it began self-publishing the title back in January.

Starting last year, Bungie introduced a new model for how it developed, released, and sold post-game expansions and updates called the annual pass, which effectively bundled a major fall expansion, in that case seasonally.

The key points are: "I like hand cannons," Smith told Polygon.

"And so I might put two hand cannon reloader [mods] on my gloves that stack and work together." I love that the mods will stack.

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On Bungie’s stream, the company constantly referred to Destiny as a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), and that’s not something we’ve heard from the company before.Bungie is also promising to focus on the social aspects of the game so that will clearly tie in with the new MMO focus. Since its launch in the fall of 2017, Bungie has struggled to meet player expectations and design a product that would satisfy both its internal desire for a more mainstream, accessible product and the hardcore community’s desire for a deep, challenging game that could be played every single day for months on end.

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