Boost failed updating 2 targets

20-Dec-2020 22:51

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Variables can be accessed using the When this rule is called, the list passed as the first argument must have exactly one value.

The list passed as the second argument can either have one value of be empty.

The two remaining arguments can be arbitrarily long, but the third argument may not be empty. The first one is usually installed and maintained by a system administrator, and the second is for the user to modify.

boost failed updating 2 targets-76

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Each metatarget can elect to augment or override some properties (in particular, using the requirements mechanism, see the section called “Requirements”).Then, the dependency metatargets are called with the modified properties and produce concrete targets that are then used in the build process. To define a variable one assigns a value to it, like in the previous example.Of course, dependency metatargets maybe in turn modify build properties and have dependencies of their own. An undefined variable is the same as a variable with an empty value.For example, if a particular executable can be correctly built only with the static version of a library, we can qualify the executable’s target reference to the library as follows: Specifying properties in target references is especially useful if you use a library defined in some other project (one you can’t change) but you still want static (or dynamic) linking to that library in all cases.

If that library is used by many targets, you (Note for non-UNIX system).

Building a project does not automatically cause its sub-projects to be built unless the parent project’s Jamfile explicitly requests it.

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