Best us cities for interracial dating

10-Apr-2020 21:41

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I have a friend who is mixed himself,married to a white girl.2 black girl friends dating white guys(one of them engaged),another friend who is from India married to black guy and another guy friend from China who last dated another black friend of mine .

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I've always heard cities, like Minneapolis, Portland(OR), & Denver, as well as Seattle, San Francisco, & Phoenix were great places for interracial dating, let me know what you guys think & where have you guys had success in the U. SF is probably the most racially progressive city in the US, if not the world.You'll also see this anywhere with PWIs (Predominantly White Institutes/Colleges) that still have a rather sizable black % of students.I've noticed a lot black girls who attend Mercer University here in Macon, GA go out to nightclubs and parties with white guys they are dating or "messing around " with.I think seattle has the highest, Alot of Half Asian and Half white, and Have Black and white people here.

This area has always been pretty tolerant abotu inter racial relationships.

Seattle is interesting, I haven't been but i'm sure you would do fine there as well.