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LP (12"/10" Album) Price: € 26.95 (VAT included) Stock level: NOT IN STOCK Delivery time unknown Read our FAQ before ordering.

Label: B-FREE Release date: 24/11/2015 Barcode: 4251160261985 Catalog no.: BFREE0006198 Item ID: 424541 The forms of the Eastern world have had an increasing fascination for the inventive mind, and Charlie Munro has used this source as a basis for a fusion of East and West which is at times, startling, adventurous and colourful world music, recorded 1967 in Australia.

You'll also run across these looks in makeup artists' portfolios to showcase their talent, and for makeup competitions or challenge events, as well as holidays and other special events.

Some makeup artists and those with particularly expressive and creative personalities may also go avant garde with their makeup any time the mood strikes them for a given day or a given occasion.

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Well not exactly, it is a project of WOOLOO created to bring various pairs of artists together for purposes of artistic collaboration.This reissue was newly remastered for optimal sound. Is this the launch of another social networking site?AVANT-GARDE DATING is a project by Wooloo, an artists-run organization based in Berlin, Germany.

Semi-related: Gay Mobile - another experimental community service.

Here are a few simple ways for anyone to get instant avant garde eyes (always use a good primer prior to heavily made up to keep the shadows and liner stable).