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04-Nov-2020 13:31

Thanks to machine learning and an increasingly connected world, artificial intelligence (AI) is seeing a surge. You can even have banter with bots that have learned from less virtuous chatters.From the video games you play, to the virtual assistant on your smartphone — and even customer support — AI is making its way into our daily lives. Here are five of the most interesting chatbots that show just how fun and bizarre the chatbot industry is.Luckily, you can start a new chat with the bot to get somewhat of a reset.If you keep rejecting the suggestions, the bot will eventually present you with some options.

While the developers encourage you to report any crude or explicit statements from the bot, it seems many have slipped through the cracks.You can also make statements such as “That doesn’t make sense” to get your Replika to stop using a certain response or phrase. In normal mode, your Replika’s responses are based on what you’ve taught it.

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