Asp net objectdatasource not updating green card dating

15-Nov-2020 22:46

I believe that u need to pass to ur update method everything u can.

I'm using a reorder list which is working fine, and that i've binded to some properties of an entity.

asp net objectdatasource not updating-38

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Anyone else had this problem and found the solution? I can list the items correctly but when I try to reorder them, an exception throw occurs, telling me that it failed to reorder...

For now, I going to solve the situation by implementing a Sql Data Source, but in a near future I would like to stay with the best practices and implement the list with a Object Data Source. CC, In order to make this work with the Object Data Source, I had to make sure my Update() method took every single field selected, in order, that my Select statement brought back as a method parameter. Either way can u post your DAL, BLL and UI, if its not too much to ask.