Acoa and dating

16-Jul-2020 09:21

Acts like a well mannered lady so it's pleasure to go out with her. Very resourceful and streetwise so to speak, can handle people and tough random everyday situations. She's trying to do something about it but it requires a lot of support and care from me to work on it. I think you'd be on a pathway of destruction thinking about LTR'ing her.

Has "no matter what" attitude, can deal with anything to get shit done if she wants. She's aware that she tends to self-sabotage her life and relations with others but that understanding alone does not eliminate the problem at all. Let's check: I don't know if it's ACo A trait exclusively but it feels like to her everything is either good or bad. I can't answer your first question XXL, I've never been with a woman who was diagnosed with this.

Is there any evidence that she: 1) Sees that there are some serious flaws with her personality?

2) Is taking positive steps to address those flaws? I'll never forget the night she called me in tears because her younger brother got his first DUI arrest.

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] 1) Yes, she's well aware of them and admits it openly 2) Yes, I see she's working on herself and takes certain steps to change the way she responds to things Besides some kind of therapy I help her with it. You might want to head over to Rollo Tomassi's blog to see if he has some writings dealing with this. As for me, I would strongly recommend you NOT play any Tom Waits music around this girl. Google "cluster b personality disorder" to understand it better.

I think the booze is often more of a self medication strategy then the cause of the illness itself.

I think you'd be on a pathway of destruction thinking about LTR'ing her.

It is meant to identify some of the unusual emotional challenges that the grown-up kids of addicts face, and hopefully to give those folks who love us some insight.

Of course, not everything I tell you here will apply to every situation: Pick and choose what seems appropriate to you, and even better, ask the person you love what would help. I am just a person who grew up with a significant amount of pain and suffering, which has shaped me into this woman I am today.

This sounds almost exactly like a woman I dated when I was 23 and she was 22. Odds are she won't see the humor in songs like "The Piano Has Been Drinking." Yeah difficult for sure but once you can deal with that kind of a woman then you can deal with them all.

Hattie was with her boyfriend when she locked herself in a bathroom and self-harmed, prompting him to encourage her to get help.… continue reading »

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