Access 2016 updating tables message

12-Jan-2021 23:05

In most cases, however, what I do is DIM a String variable in the Subroutine where I call the direct table update.

BEFORE I call the update, I set this String variable to the value of the Recordsource behind the bound form, thus capturing the exact SQL statement being used at the time.

One final thought on addressing the error message: Instead of calling a routine to directly update the data in the table table, I find a way to update the data via the form instead, by adding a bound control to the form and updating the data in that so that the form data and the table data do not become out of sync. I created VBA to change another field in the same row.

So I created a separate field which adds 1 to the contents when I try to close the form. I've dealt with this issue with MS Access tables linked to MS SQL tables multiple times.

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I found the problem due to the conflict between Jet/Access boolean and SQL Server bit fields.The KB article says to use an *instead of a *.mdb; however, Microsoft discontinued the support for Access Data Projects (ADP) in Access 2013. I have seen a similar situation with MS Access 2003 (and prior) when linked to MS SQL Sever 2000 (and prior).In my case I found that the issue to be the bit fields in MS SQL Server database tables - bit fields do not allow null values.SELECT 'UPDATE [' '] SET [' '] = ISNULL([' '], 0);' 'ALTER TABLE [' '] ALTER COLUMN [' '] BIT NOT NULL;' 'ALTER TABLE [' '] ADD CONSTRAINT [DF_' '_' '] DEFAULT ((0)) FOR [' ']' FROM sys.columns c INNER JOIN sys.objects o ON o.object_id = c.object_id WHERE c.system_type_id = 104 AND o.is_ms_shipped = 0; I have experienced both of the causes detailed above: Directly changing data in a table that is currently bound to a form AND having a 'bit' type field in SQL Server that does not have the Default Value set to '0' (zero).

The only way I have been able to get around the latter issue is to add the default value of zero to the bit field AND run an update query to set all current values to zero.I thought I had updated them but hadn't, turns out someone had updated the form validation and SQL tables to allow 150 chars, but hadn't refreshed the linked table hence access only saw 50 char allowed - Boom Write conflict Not sure this is the most appropriate error for the scenario, but hey, most of the interesting issues are never flagged appropriately in any microsoft software!

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