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She got steady work, working with the best photographer such as Patrick Demarchelier and Helmut Newton and landing a cover on magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, GQ, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues as a model, Melania was an associated with Irene Marie Managment Group and Donald’s Trump Model Managment.She applied as a model of “extraordinary ability” then she obtained a green card from a lawful permanent resident in 2001. In addition, she has a successful jewellery line on QVC and a Skincare line.eorge Orwell and Joseph Goebbels did not have much in common, but they both understood the essence of propaganda: if you want to tell a lie, make sure that its a big one, and if possible make it the exact opposite of the truth.David Cameron's speech at the British Museum claiming that the EU has preserved peace in Europe, and that a British exit would make it more likely that the continent would plunge into a reprise of the two world wars, was a classic example of the Orwellian big lie.

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If Britain has the guts to ignore Cameron and the Establishment elite and vote for Brexit on June 23rd, free and independent once more, we could perhaps, in the words of William Pitt the Younger, one of Cameron's great predecessors as PM who led Britain's resistance to the Napoleonic tyranny, 'Save Europe by her example'.

In his speech, Cameron referred to the serried ranks of tombstones in the war cemeteries of Europe bearing silent witness to the continent's disastrous wars.

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