18 yr old dating 24 yr old

17-Feb-2020 01:03

I think it's pretty icky now when I look back on it (we were together for four years), but it really wasn't a big deal to me, although as the mother of a 13yr old now I can see why you're worried.

If he's very immature for his age and she is quite mature, there's probably not a huge amount of difference in their emotional maturity.

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You have to question what an adult male wants from a teenage girl.I would probably have a nervous breakdown if my dd was seeing such an older man.A 24 year old who has so little about him that he can only see an underage girl would worry me.If she were going out with another 15 year old the chances of them having sex would not be especially lower.

When I was 14 I started going out with a 22 year old.

I ran away to live with him at one point of histronics.

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